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The Domain of Devils, Author Eric Marple describes the wind demon as the most terrible of all demonic entities, having the power to spread loathsome diseases with his dry fiery breath.

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Titles King of the Wind Demons, Demon Lord of Winged Creatures and the Sky
Alignment Chaotic evil
Portfolio winged creatures
the sky
Cleric Alignments
Domains Air, Chaos, Evil
Favored Weapon Long sword

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The Wind Demon is like many of his counterparts in other series, preferring freedom above all else. Compared to his other siblings, who upon release are enraged or saddened by the loss of their realms, Xiao Fung is happy enough to be free from the Prison Realm. He also doesn’t show much contempt for Shendu, nor does the need to assume a Human form appear to displease him, and overall he comes off as very live-and-let-live for a demon sorcerer. In Demon World he hosts gladiatorial games, even showing some affection for his Human slaves, giving them credit for meeting and surpassing their limitations, enough so that Paco still considers El Toro’s wrestling a noble profession to be looked up to.

Ten years passed. The wind demon returned to see the results of his curse. What he saw made him roar in anger. The kingdom he had punished was happy and green!