What do you think? Will the world end or not?

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Will the world end on September 28

after reading this , i really dont think that this is real. I just cant accept the fact that the world will end. If earth could resist for so many billons of years, why cant he still do it? If not it will be useless if i was born and then u told me that my life will end soon. I CANT BELIEVE IT!

Oh and I don’t think anyone likes the idea of the world ending in the doing of a god. Assuming a god does go. Which can be assumed, since no such creature exists, so make up what you’d like.

This Is The Video CNN Will Play When The World Ends

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    September 7, 2015

    “That will scare people. I mean no i dont want the world to end ever… well until the day god takes me”

    This also shows up the crass selfishness of christian believers.

    So as long as YOU’RE not killed by the end of the earth, its fine. No matter if 8 billion others die, including all animals and plants on the planet.

    But if YOU, SPECIFICALLY are caught up in it, this is BAD BAD BAD.

  • In case you missed this breaking news, the world will end on Saturday

    Nice article….. But what about God? I guess it’s true that scientists don’t believe in God because they want to prove how planets and life began. But there is no proof and only God will know when the world will end. There are signs now of the coming end and I feel sorry for all of you on this post who do not believe in God as you truly will be left to dwell in hell.

    The strange thing is if we could find a way to get off this planet and create spAce stations and ships with enough artif energy and water and food, I can see our species scouring the galaxy in search of a new planet to inhabit. I know that seems far fetched, but this planet will destruct. Our sum will become white dwarf. Everything will burn up and if we leave earth we might have tech to survive while we travel through space. It’s a scary thought ; the world ending , but it has to happen. And we have to find a way to exist after that takes place. #findanewplanet