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is hands-down fantastic. Days of Wonder once again shows that they can produce a well balanced, high-quality title with staying power. Don't let the happy train model cover fool you - although this is a game chalk-full of content geared toward train enthusiasts (Marklin is gigantic train hobbyist company out of Germany), it is absolutely not a niche game. Ticket to Ride: Marklin has enough depth and replayability for the strategy gamer in you, and yet is light and simple enough that families shouldn't feel at all nervous about throwing its board down onto the dining room table to play a round with their kids.

With dozens of international awards and over 3 Million games sold, the Ticket to Ride series is the most popular new board game of the last 10 years!

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  • Ticket to Ride - USA 1910 Expansion + Full Version$5.99
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    Ticket to Ride has become an international phenomenon since its Spiel des Jahres win in 2004, so much so that I recently was happy to discover a few copies at the local Barnes & Noble. Mainstream market penetration is no easy feat in a country dominated by thousands of themed reprints of Monopoly and Clue. There’s no denying that Ticket to Ride is a fantastic game worthy of its success, but you probably already knew that. Maybe what you don’t know is the best way(s) to acquire and play the game, now that it’s become quite a production with four stand-alone board games, a card game, and five expansions for the board games (and a sixth on the way).

    Which was great for lovers of Small World (I'm not a fan), but still left a lot of people wondering why they didn't do this for Ticket to Ride first. Surely Ticket to Ride is the gateway game, right?