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Comeback & Beyond: How to Turn Your Setbacks Into Comebacks


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So who – and this is the big question – who motivates Tim Storey?
I am motivated by people’s lives. I read two biographies a month. I just read one about Gianni Versace. Before that, Armani. Now, I’m reading Bob Fosse. I want to know about people’s lives. I’m inspired by David Bowie, by Mick Jagger, Mother Teresa, Lady Diana. Two biographies a month motivates me, stirs me up about somebody else’s life.

Sally: We’re here with Tim Storey who is an author, speaker, and life coach to stars like Robert Downey, Jr., Kanye West – and now Oprah?
Tim: We’re friends.

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    Tim Storey is a well known speaker, author, and lead pastor of The Congregation in Yorba Linda. Over the past 30 years he has traveled to over 70 countries around the world and has spoken to millions of people spreading the message of Christ’s love. Dubbed “Pastor to the Stars” by USA Today, since 1992 Tim has lead a monthly gathering of artists and entertainers called The Hollywood Bible Study. He has dedicated his life to reminding everyone; no matter where they are in life it’s never too late for their comeback.

    Spend any amount of time watching the preparation for a MenAlive concert and you’ll see that there is incredible dedication to service and excellence. This loyalty is indicative of the depth of commitment made from each member, and it is not limited to chorus functions alone. For baritone Tim Storey, commitment and dedication to service have been consistent threads throughout his life.