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I have been using Microsoft Money for about 15 years and it has been very useful over that time, however Microsoft stopped selling and supporting it since the beginning of last year and I am becoming increasing concerned that if anything goes wrong I will lose all my financial records. I am not super rich or anything like it but I am constantly moving money from one account to another to get the best deals and Money has been very good in helping me keep track of things. Do you know of any program thing that I can use to replace Money? I have tried a free program called Gnu Cash but it’s a double entry system and appears too complex for my needs.

So let us know any of you have ever tried any of these way to make money or what are the other ways do you suggest to our other readers to get some extra bucks. Please share your ways with us in the comments section

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    is a great way to do this. Being the #1 stop for those wanting to start home based businesses, this helps you unlock the secret to making money online.

    Very often the person who asks to borrow money from you is someone you haven’t seen in a long time. An old friend I haven’t seen in years one day called me up and asked me outright if he could borrow RM15,000 from me. He needed it as a bridge loan to do something and that he had money coming in from a sale of another property and would be able to pay me back in a month.