Please know today how special you are.

Midnight Special

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Select cell A1, Go To Special, Objects

Telus wants the precious 700 megahertz frequency spectrum in exchange for building the network to rural areas. The use of the spectrum does make it easier to run networks across more remote areas because the signals are stronger and, as a result, less towers are needed to achieve connectivity. Telus that its level of expertise in “deploying to rural areas” lends it credibility and, as such, they should have a virtually open lane to the spectrum.

i sir could you please show me the easy work of current array in go to special if you show by example that will be your kindness
thanks a lot
Roshan Helmand Afghanistan

Select cell A1, Go To Special, Last cell

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I use go to special - blanks to complete the cells.

[...] formatting quicker and easier I have created three simple macros. These macros use Excel’s Go To Special function and then some simple formatting to the active [...]

Now, Telus wants to end all similar subsidies that give competition “special treatment.” In the same breath, they want to be assured access to the spectrum and they want to continue to sit on the spectrum licenses they already have. Indeed, the new companies have accused the incumbents of “spectrum squatting.”