Brady and throwing coach Tom House

The Art & Science of Pitching


They are a biomechanics tag-team, and the pioneer is Tom House.

I found a clip from Tom House where he’s talking about arm slot and getting on top of the baseball which directly deals with how the torso must rotate to deliver the baseball. I’m not sure of the exact date of the clip, but since he talks about Mark Prior, we can deduce the clip is after 2003.

It is run by Tom House, a former pitching coach in the major leagues and at USC. That's right: , , , , Alex Smith and Tim Tebow have all paid a visit to USC this offseason to work with a pitching coach.

Tom House working with Nolan Ryan

Tom House, NPA

Tom House- National Pitching Association

I found a short clip of Tom House and Nolan Ryan working together in a bullpen setting. I’m not sure the time this video took place, but it looks like Ryan has already retired. Watch below to see if you can pick up on the Four Absolutes in Ryan’s throwing mechanics.

Here is what happens at the release point: Your throwing arm and wrist snaps straight to full extension, then the palm rotates the thumb down and out, away from the body, as the ball leaves the fingertips. At this precise moment all acceleration ends and deceleration begins. Weight transfer is completed as our head and upper body are pulled past the knee of your landing leg. This final coup de grace allows the forces of deceleration to be transferred from the arm, through the upper torso, into the lower back and finally to the legs, rather than compelling the shoulder to bear the brunt of the resistance. – Tom House