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Grande Illusions: Books I & II


Tom Savini on the set of CreepShow

So that’s been MY experience of Tom Savini at conventions, relayed as truthfully and in as much detail and my memory can muster. I, too, have heard the stories about his occasional rudeness and contemptuous behavior towards fans… but then again, I’ve also heard some pretty awful stories about fan behavior at conventions, too.

Tom Savini lives in Pittsburgh, like me. So when my little company wanted to do a charity event to help the local Women’s Shelter keep their doors open, Tom Savini was the only local celebrity to even write us back.

From Dusk Till Dawn - George Clooney and Tom Savini

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Tom Savini
American actor, stuntman, director and makeup artist

    Tom Savini is an American actor. He portrayed in the .

    So anyway, even though I was there to see Jodo, I was still enthused to see some of my heroes from my youth; and Tom Savini was definitely a hero of mine. I looked forward to, and cherished, every Fangoria interview, and bought a copy of Tom’s book, Grande Illusions, when I was 14. My best friend and I (who make movies of our own – look up The Last Halloween on Youtube) poured over it like it was scripture. He has been an influence.

    I’ve met Tom Savini twice at convention events. The first time was at Toronto’s Fan Expo, circa 2004. He was a guest of the Rue Morgue Festival of Fear portion of the show, the same year that they brought in Alejandro Jodorowsky. I think it was the first time Rue Morgue participated in Fan Expo. The second time I met him was at the inaugural edition of Toronto’s Horror-Rama event, in 2014.