Interview with Tom Six about the movie "The Human Centipede II".

The Human Centipede: The Complete Sequence [Blu-ray]


( Sister of Tom SIX ) See: Page 23 – (2009-11-24)

After agreeing, Tom Six oversees the operation on the prisoners along with Boss and , as he wants to see the real thing. However, Six is shown to be slightly disturbed, and when seeing the process of Bill Boss' new idea "" (involving prisoners on life sentence or death row having their limbs removed and sewn anus to mouth), he vomits and runs off.

Tom Six: It started in the Netherlands as a crazy idea and it evolved into this aggressive virus spreading all over the world, from parodies to and so many people talking about it. That’s an insane idea.

Tom Six: That would be very cool (laughs).

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  • Tom Six is a best known for his films, , and .

    You thought Tom Six had gone as far as he could with the first teaser from the Centipede Threequel? Haha, once again the film maker laughs in the face of his critics and brings us even more bizarre horrors in the full trailer. How many trailers nowadays begin with a prisoner being waterboarded, but with hot water? None, okay now, one. We get to see more of Laurence Harvey’s brilliant turn as the loyal sidekick to Dieter Laser’s manic prison officer, along with Eric Roberts and Tiny Lister (Zeus from WWE) and also see our favorite director make his appearance, playing himself.

    Tom Six is the writer and director of the first two movies, and . He is called to the to give his blessing for sadistic warden to use the idea of the centipede creation as punishment on his prisoners.