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At Crimson Tree Publishing, we believe our authors, who create new and amazing literary worlds, deserve to receive a large share of the profits that their art creates. We also believe that our authors deserve the support of quality editing, breathtaking covers and the power of a strong marketing presence behind them.

Killen, 73, enjoyed success as a songwriter, record producer and musician, but his greatest commercial achievements were in music publishing. He began working at Tree Publishing in 1954 at a salary of $35 per week and eventually purchased the company and sold it to Sony Music in 1989 for a reported $40 million.

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    Killen became president of Tree Publishing in 1974 after Stapp became the company’s chief executive officer. When Stapp died in 1980, Killen exercised an agreement the two had made years earlier and purchased the company. After selling the publishing company to Sony Music in 1989, Killen formed a new business, Killen Music Group, in 1990. In 1997, he established KMG Records. Killen Music Group’s publishing division has had several songs recorded by OutKast, including music for their feature film, .

    At Crimson Tree Publishing, we believe that our readers deserve the freshest new fiction out there. We also believe that our readers deserve to know ahead of time what they are reading. We do not believe in censorship; we believe in the right to know. This is why every book with us has a full disclosure.