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The two faces of India - cities vs

It is befuddling to see two faces of India; one face breathing fire and yearning to annihilate Pakistan, and the other singing melodious tunes of peace and friendship. One year before, Indian civil and military leaders were indulging in high pitch saber rattling.

Despite one of the longest coastline in the world, India is just opening up to ocean sports. SUP might soon be the leading water sport in a country that has the ultimate playground for both waves and flat water. Those are the 2 faces of India: One is of flat water canals surrounded by temples and Hindu culture, the other one is about crystal clear empty barrels peeling in off limit islands under the Muezzin voice.

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Rule Five Sunday: The Two Faces Of India : The Other McCain

The events surrounding in India has thrown up I think the two faces of India, which for me goes something like this: A big beautiful shopping mall in Delhi, which houses a Marks and Spencers store, a British . So, what happens to the cottage industries and the amazing products that the artisans produce? Then there is the palatial Louis Vuitton store; the expensive, couture high-fashion brand, and the street children running outside the store, barefoot, nowhere to live and not a lot to eat. The volume of cars speeding in , which zoom around in town’s originally built for walking. Do you see the picture I am painting? It’s a picture of .