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The Two of Them


"Ringer" Oh Gawd, There's Two of Them

The two of them text each other and talk on the phone, even though we are still legally married. They don't see each other much, though she has come home at 5am a couple of times.

When he was released, the two of them met and now she has told me she wants a divorce because he is the true love of her life.

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    Mediate the dispute. When you mediate a situation, you act as a referee, trying to get the two of them to bring their problems and concerns out in the open with the goal of reconciliation. It can be a challenge, but is well worth it when two people who hate each other are finally able to set aside their anger and hate.
    • Bring both people to a neutral location. Do not meet in either of their homes. The one on "home turf" may feel they are the boss, and the one who is not will feel ill at ease. Private rooms in a library or school are good options.
    • Thank them both for meeting each other with the intent to settle their differences. Let them know that they are both important to you and you want to see them patch things up.
    • Lay the ground rules: interrupting each other, name-calling, yelling, and other emotional outbursts are forbidden. Insist each party acts with mutual respect and remains open-minded.[34][35] Without these basic guidelines in place, the process could easily deteriorate into a shouting contest.
    • Encourage each party to speak their minds. Ensure the other listens carefully to the opposing perspective. If either side feels they are not being heard or the mediation effort is futile, they will not invest themselves in the process and it will be fruitless for all three of you.[36]
    • Illustrate to them how similar they are.[37] Find the common ground between them -- especially the fact that they are both friends of yours.
    • If it starts to turn ugly, put a stop to it. "All right, all right,” you might say. “It's pretty plain to see that you guys are not going to be able to work this out today. I plan to remain friends with both of you, so I hope that you will try to be civil to one another in the future."
    • If you do not believe you are unbiased enough to settle the dispute, identify and seek assistance from someone with the diplomatic skills who may be able to. A good conflict mediator will be neutral (evaluate the situation objectively); impartial (act without a stake in the outcome); and fair (approach each side in a balanced manner).[38] Enlisting help of am unbiased third party who does not know either friend is a good idea if you do not want to mediate yourself.
  • and the two of them become one flesh.

    i have a female cat 3 years old, fixed and all the usual work weighs about 6-7 pounds, i also have a male going on 8 months old, hasnt been fixed yet weighs more than the female. Ive had the male since he was a kitten and the two cats have been great together so far up until today. I heard the cats fighting and “screaming” which was very out of the ordinary. I found my female cat had the male pinned in a corner and taking a beating. I seperated the two of them and she continued to hiss and growl at him which was the first time ive heard any of that from her since owning her. she continued to try and get at him so i locked her up so i could examine the damage of both cats. I finally brought them together again and she gave him a quick sniff and went right back to attacking him and beating him. I have to sit in the room with her or else she howls like crazy to get out, she is also pacing the room and looking at the door constantly. Is this possible that the male has tried to mount her? i didnt see any evidence of this besides the bizzare behaviour. Please help.

    Just like previous reports on One Direction and its band members, both Zayn and Niall have yet to confirm or deny all those speculations about the two of them leaving 1D for good.