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As the end of the first leg of the U2 Vertigo Tour comes to an end, so does the second set of U2 Concert Review Haikus. These haiku cover events from early shows in Anaheim 4/2 (the day the Pope died), Los Angeles 4/5 and 4/6, and near the end in East Rutherford NJ on 5/17. I am grateful to have seen them 4 times on this first leg of the tour and would like to briefly digress responding to Larry Mullen Jr.’s concerns about ticketing.

Last night, I went to the U2 Vertigo Tour with 3 girlfriends, Ode, Rach and Jules ... we had the most SUPERB time ever ... and our whole night was kicked off with a once in a life time opportunity to meet Bono and The Edge in person!!! As we got to the parking station where we had pre-paid our parking ticket, we noticed a crowd of approx. 20 people standing at the entrance to the stadium drive way ... and there ... in the midst of them ... was BONO ... signing autographs ... we went mad ... we hopped out the car and ran to join the crowd ... we got some stunning photos of him ... he was only a foot away from us ... then ... in true star struck fashion, we were scrambling to find something to get an autograph ... I only had my ticket ... and sadly, he was refusing to sign tickets ... but then ... about 5 minutes later ... another car pulled up and THE EDGE jumped out and he was much more willing to sign things ... so I got his autograph on my ticket and he signed Ode's T-shirt ... we got more photos of him!! The girls have the photos on their mobiles so I am waiting to receive them via email at some point and will post them up as soon as I get them but in the mean time, here are some photos with the autographs! It was a FANTABULOUS concert ... they are the best ever band of all time ... U2 ROCK!!

Here they are ... the long awaited photos of Bono and The Edge ... up close and personal !!

My Autographed Ticket from The Edge

Vertigo Stage Lighting

U2 Vertigo Tour Milan by kujaku on DeviantArt

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