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Hawkeye, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch were not in the initial Ultimate Avengers movie and were originally planned to be in the second movie. Using Hawkeye as an example, VP of Marvel Studios' Animation Development Craig Kyle did not want him to be a background character but "he's going to matter" if he appears.

, is the second film in the series and a sequel to , produced by Dong Wu Studios. In the film, the Black Panther teams up with the Ultimate Avengers to continue their fight against the aliens when they invade Africa.

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Ultimate Avengers
Ultimate Avengers II

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is the third film in the series and is based on the classic Marvel Universe version by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. The film was produced by and was released on January 23, 2007. Marc Worden returns as Tony Stark/Iron Man from the Ultimate Avengers films. In , Tony Stark, billionaire manufacturer, finds a lost Chinese city where he accidentally unleashes an evil powerful force. Stark creates his armor to become Iron Man to defeat the evil.

After the pair of Ultimate Avengers (UA) DVDs, the next MAF film, , was released in January 2007. As of January 2007, was slated next for summer 2007 with tentatively titled under early development. Iron Man and the Dr. Strange features existed separately from the UA movie universe. A possible cross over or a third UA movie was hinted at being considered at that time. Originally, the MAF were being released two per year until Dr. Strange, while was an Annie Awards nominee for "Best Home Entertainment Production" of 2007 only sold half the number of DVD as either UA feature. After which, the MAFs releases were slowed to one per year.