On Formal and Universal Unity (Medieval Philosophical Texts in Translation : No 15)



Q) In the book written by Ms Buelent Corak, ‘The Knowledge Book,’ it says that all religions were designed to bring about the consciousness about something grander than just the human being. Prophet Mohammad and Jesus Christ with their individual mission were all about to bring about love and teach humanity about love and that we are brothers and sisters. The book speaks about Universal Unity Consciousness about also about the traditional earth religions coming to an end and the vibration of the Holy Quran having ended in 2014. Is this so?

‘We are creating a landing pad, for all beings to commune, collaborate, inspire one another and expand the collective consciousness, and All That Is within Creation. As we awaken to our place among the stars, we open our hearts to the magical experiences of these monumental times for Gaia and all supporting this process. Our many lives, our many expressions, are awakening in this harmonic phase and converging for the ascension of all times, is upon us. Welcome to the 5th dimension dear lighted ones, and enjoy this unique opportunity of planetary ascension and brilliant energetic dance and expand as ONE in Universal Unity.’

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A) Universal Unity Consciousness is a beautiful phrase and I understand that this is our aim by introducing spiritual sciences. This is like a destination. We have to go through a lot of spiritual mortification, physical austerities and rigid spiritual discipline; after all of that, we will arrive at the Universal Unity Consciousness. This is exactly what we are working on.

The awareness of love and brotherhood was initiated by Adam, was further enhanced by Abraham and Moses, and then by Jesus and Prophet Mohammad. It is very sad to see in the world that people have forgotten the universal truths [from] the message and methodology of all these great universal teachers of spirituality. The religions were the institutions in which these universal teachers carried out their academic practice. In this day and age, people are becoming monsters following religions which do not have their spiritual system intact anymore. So obviously what ‘The Knowledge Book’ has said is true and this is what we are working on: Universal Unity Consciousness for humanity. But it is going to take a lot of turmoil and internal and external labour. A lot of fixing needs to be done in terms of disciplining our Ego, our desires and then aligning our heart with our other souls. But this will begin when production of divine, positive energy starts within ourselves.