Communicology as a Human Paradigm For Urban Semiotics

The Best of Urban Semiotic, Volume 2 (2007-2012)

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Really like the Building the Scene series of portraits of grime artists by Leeds’ based illustrator . Love the way Gregson complements the inner city roots of the genre with hints of architecture plans and urban semiotics.

“In urban semiotics, street art is an open and ever-changing system of communication. It cannot exist without the urban context and it remains transient. What is here today may be gone tomorrow. That is the prerequisite for its constant growth and renewal.” (p.11)

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He is the award-winning author of many other books, includingthe pioneering "Postmodern Semiotics" (Blackwell, 1995) andco-editor (with Lagopoulos) of "The City and the Sign: AnIntroduction to Urban Semiotics" (Columbia University Press,1986).