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Sundried Fig infused balsamic vinegar is made by Verlaque Fine Foods in Cape Town. With skill – which comes from many years ‘in food’ – they combine classic Mediterranean with unique South African tastes, making products that captures the passion – the elusive energy – that gives this product the glow of a cherished treasure. Fig and balsamic vinegar creates a deep, sweet, warm, dusky flavour. It enhances the flavours of lamb, beef and smoked meats. Serving Suggestions: Excellent with nutty flavours – Almond, Macadamia and Cashew – it pairs well with cheese – Brie, Haloumi, Feta or the Provelone/ Parmesan/ Pecorino family. Delicious with tomatoes – ripe, warm and sweet – fresh, sundried half-dried, grilled, roasted or cooked into a rich paste with garlic and herbs. Drizzle generously over a lunch-salad of fried Haloumi with chunks of butternut and beetroot. Served on a bed of fresh wild rocket. Sprinkle with a few drops of Cape Treasures Smoked Olive oil and a few pumkin seeds. Serve with fresh Pannini-style bread.”

The African specialty foods planogram offered by the program generally consists of a 4-foot section (4 feet wide and 6 feet high), and includes about 100 of the best-selling items in the African specialty foods program. Leading brands include Nando’s peri-peri sauces, Mrs. Ball’s chutneys, Gatto Estates coffee, Elephant Pepper grinders, Highland Tea Co. teas, Something South African cooking sauces, Vumarula juices, Honey Care Africa honey and Verlaque Fine Foods balsamic vinaigrettes. Thirteen African countries are represented as part of the African specialty foods program, while roughly 40 percent of the products include stem from South Africa. The products in the initial African specialty food program consist of exotic tastes tailored to the mass specialty market. Products like rooibos tea, Cape Malay curry, preserved lemons, peri-peri pepper marinades, boboti chutney and baobab jams are all indigenous to Africa, and all have the mass-market appeal so critical to a product’s success. The target consumer for this program is the higher-end specialty food shopper, though there is tremendous crossover between the African and British categories. In the United Kingdom, African cuisine is highly popular, second only to Indian as the ethnic category of choice.

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    Verlaque Fine Foods is South Africa's top manufacturer of fruit-infused balsamic reductions, infused extra-virgin olive oils, preserves and other fine foods.

    Las empresas sudafricanas presentes en SIAL 2010 corresponden a los sectores de extractos naturales, exportadoras, innovación, fabricantes de jugos de fruta, envasados y etiquetas, hierbas e infusiones, alimentos finos, energizantes, complejos vitamínicos, productos de confitería, condimentos de diseño, vinagres y aceites. Se trata de Afriplex, Berfin, Cape Foods, Ceres Fruit Juices, Fortified Foods Production and Development, Polari-Tea, Kalk Bay Foods, McNAB’S, Natural Herbs and Spices, Sally Williams Fine Foods, Smitex, So Go!, Verlaque Fine Foods.