Victorian science fiction steam tank


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[…] Steampunk is NOT Victorian Science Fiction. […]

Once it’s understood where steampunk lies against Victorian Science Fiction, all the arguments on social media seem to be irrelevant. and are superb authors. Their vision and creativity is laudable even today but they’re not steampunk authors; they’re Victorian science fiction writers.

Let’s look at it from their viewpoint. Wells or Verne were sat in their study in the Victorian era thinking about what fantastical adventures, vehicles and inventions may happen in the future. They wrote about them and this is Victorian Science Fiction. That is to say, it’s Science Fiction written in the Victorian era by a .

"A collection of images of a Victorian Science Fiction nature."

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[…] I am in dire need of relaxation. I have been for a while so the last time I was at mum’s house I rummaged through my pile of unpainted metal soldiers and stuff (and remembering that my ships are all in Mongolia at the moment) looking for something to paint. In the end I brought the Ancient 15mm figures I had to Sydney as well as all the Victorian Science Fiction (VSF) I could find (well, they just looked cute and the had a passing resemblance to a ship). I mentioned this below when I last spoke about Victorian Science Fiction. […]

It started again … finally. Last weekend we went to Mum’s where I collected some of my wargaming things from under the house. Amongst the several kilograms of unpainted figures I also uncovered my Victorian Science Fiction (VSF) stuff, in particular, the Aeronefs. A took a quick look at the models to see how much repair work is necessary, another quick look to see that the aerial bases are missing, then a further look to find the rules. Put all of this in the boot of the car, with previously mentioned several kilograms of unpainted figures, but keep the rulebook out of the boot and in the car. Stop for a pie on the way home and start reading.