Introduction to Physical Gas Dynamics: W

Introduction to Physical Gas Dynamics

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Introduction to Physical Gas Dynamics (Vincenti

5. High-Enthalpy Gasdynamics: Hypersonic flows with chemical reaction effects. Equilibrium flow. Stagnation point heating. Anderson Chap. 13-18, Bertin (various sections), Vincenti and Kruger Chap. 6-8 and 10-12. This is a large and complex topic. Here, only equilibrium flow will be covered in any depth. The thermodynamics of equilibrium air will be presented without derivation and used to solve stagnation point flow. (9 classes)

4. Introduction to Physical Chemistry of Gases: Thermodynamics of reacting gases. Statistical mechanics and kinetic theory. Anderson Chap. 9-12, Vincenti and Kruger Chap. 1-5 + 9, Bird Chap. 1-6. Here, we will cover only material essential to an understanding of rarefied flows. The chemistry of reacting gases is covered in some depth in AAE439 and AAE539, and in ME501. Time constraints will allow us to provide only a very brief overview. (3 classes)

Introduction to Physical Gas Dynamics (Vincenti & Kruger)

Introduction to Physical Gas Dynamics by W

Most of the information you need is in these books. Anderson and Vincenti and Kruger are more in depth look at the flow itself without applying it specifically to "rocketry." Parts of V&K discuss how gases hold energy based on structure.