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I don't want to sound like Woodman basher, but he's got the greatest girl maybe ever and you wouldn't know it!
A perfect example as to Woodman's poor promotion of Viola. He posted 2 pics of Viola sucking off 4 guys and barely a mention of it anywhere on the net? How is that possible? I think 1 or 2 tweets regarding the gorgeous glamour model now pornstar Viola Bailey's... Seriously! How is that not all over the web. It should be shaking up the porn world. The best news for those who have been hoping for a girl as spectacular as Viola doing all out hardcore. Yet, almost nothing? I think Viola is amazing and has a perfect body and is as sexual of any girl I've ever seen. Definitely a great performer! I am so over the moon excited waiting for this scene. 1st released scene of Viola with another guy, wait 4 guys, and at least a blowbang! I just hope that Woodman and guys can muster a cumshot, notice they rarely can shoot a quality load and if Viola's doing blowbang I would expect that gorgeous face to be glazed!
If, when released that scene doesn't garner massive attention, then there's proof that "Houston we have a Problem!"

She made the correct decision quitting porn, all of you who said she made a decision are terrible, who wants a life showing their sex to creeps and perverted losers online? Viola Bailey should not be Violated Daily.

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That's it in a nutshell! Woodman is so arrogant that he only cares about himself and not his fans/members. I joined specifically for Viola and when he kept playing games I canceled my subscription. He has to release videos only when he feels like it. He's not a good businessman and he even said his site is for him finding girls like Viola so he can fuck them and if he feels like it, he'll put it up as he has real estate and doesn't need money for the site. Funny how he's always crying about his stuff being pirated or his business being down. It's simple PW is a not good to his supporters and if you read now even his most loyal subjects are starting to show frustration in the forum. I love Viola, but I said it all along. This was the worst scenario. Viola would and still can be a SUPERSTAR in Adult, but needs to get away from Woodman who produces 100% amateur crap. Viola's scenes were good only because she was in them, his videography is no better than a 12 year old with his first camera. Said 100 times, but if Viola joined up with the big companies Elegant Angel, JJ, Wicked, Vivid, etc and of course online Brazzers, RK, Bang. She would be a phenom which the likes hasn't been seen in a very very long time. Viola Bailey's is the biggest Miss we have had in porn, Body 100% perfect, Very pretty/cute girl and she definately knew how to bring it in front of the camera. Such A SHAME!!!!

I Love Viola! But this is too funny. Viola I have to say you're buddy hasn't helped your career and with his new method of "Milking" your fans on his site has turned people off and made them upset. This is "guilt by association" and I believe he will continue to tarnish your image. When you do the Hardcore again with other companies I'm sure that will help you gain back your large fan base. But you wonder why you don't have followers like before on twitter. It's simple, need to be let your fans know about your career and not keep it a secret as you have this past year. We want to be a part of your growth in the industry, but all the secrecy keeps us from getting excited about you. Hope the next 6 months of 2016 brings amazing change and great scenes. You are awesome Viola, you should be a Superstar in the industry, so obviously something is wrong in the promotion of Viola Bailey's.