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The Inquirer has revealed that . Sumitomi electric is producing 200 Gallium Nitride substrates parts per month and should soon produce 500 parts per month. Clearly, this part is only being sampled now, but next year we may see volume production. Gallium nitride substrates are necessary to make blue/violet, or , as one DVD consortium refers to them. Conventional lasers currently used in CDs use infrared light in the 780-850 nm range or red light in the 635-670nm range. By contrast, blue/violet lasers operate at a wavelength of about 400 nm, which means that they can read tinier pits. As a result, next-generation DVDs using this laser can store 27 GB, and double-sided discs should eventually be able to store 50 GB. Unfortunately, the “blue-ray” format is not backwards-compatible with current DVD formats. The problems with blue/violet lasers are at this point–there is still no single industry standard for next-generation DVDs. There is a “DVD forum steering committee” which has proposed a next generation DVD system using red lasers, but several large companies (including Toshiba) aren't members. Toshiba which can store up to 30 GB on a single disk side. Toshiba also employs a 400 nm laser in its next-generation DVD, but it is backwards-compatible with current DVDs. The adoption of DVDs has been substantially delayed because of competing formats, and it looks like a similar fate will befall next-generation blue/violet laser DVDS.

Put another way, UltraViolet is DVD for the Internet. Just as the DVD logo means that you can buy a DVD from any seller and expect it to play in any player with a DVD logo, the UltraViolet logo means you can buy UltraViolet movies from any seller, keep track of your "online library" or "virtual collection" of movies, and expect them to play anywhere you see the UltraViolet logo (PCs, tablets, smartphones, Blu-ray players, cable set-top boxes, game consoles, and so on -- see for a list).

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