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CARL FRANKLIN is a software developer for Medvision, where he specializes in network and database programming with Visual Basic. He is the "Q&A" columnist for Visual Basic Programmer's Journal, for which he has also written extensively on Visual Basic Internet programming.

If you need to add Internet capabilities to your Visual Basic applications, this is the book you need. It took me a while to find a good Visual Basic Internet programming book to add to my site. I had read through a few others in the past and found them to be inadequate. I was beginning to wonder if I'd ever find a decent one until I came across this one from Wiley publishing. The book is mainly a client-side programming book, although it does give a good introduction to all server-side tools such as, Internet Information Server (IIS), Active Server Pages (ASP), VB6 WebClasses, and CGI. It begins by presenting the concepts of the TCP/IP networking protocol, and the Winsock API. Examples of the simple protocols such as, TIME, FINGER and WHOIS are given. Some excellent sample projects of Usenet Clients (NNTP), HTTP(Web), SMTP, POP3, and FTP are also given. The CD-Rom which comes with the book contains plug-in Visual Basic networking components, customizable internet client programming and browsers, and internet database engines. This is an excellent book which I think you'll enjoy.

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