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If you would like your black and white digital photography to look more like the second photo, rather than the lifeless greyscale of the first photo, then read on.

In a market with most external storage solutions still topping off at 1TB, Western Digital was able to raise the height of the bar two-fold with a 2TB storage solution designed around a single portable 2.5-inch hard drive.

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Air-O-Swiss AOS 7147 can provide adequate humidification for a space about 600 square feet (55 m²). It uses high-frequency vibrations to produce mists, either cool or warm. Set it on the pre-heating, it will send out warm mist at 104ºF, which makes your place very pleasant for living. Unique ITC technology will measure the precise ambient temperature and regulate the moisture output automatically. The replaceable demineralization cartridge and Hydro Cell help to keep this unit clean, fresh and durable. Other wonderful features include the digital touch interface, a timer for setting operation, and whisper-quiet operation.
Other wonderful features are digital touch interface,
1) Alternative mist: warm or cool
2) up-to-date design with digital touch interface
3) A timer: 1 to 8 hours pre start-up and continuous operation

The Western Digital My Passport portable hard drive provides up to 2TB of storage in a well-designed body. WD offers a suite of software tools to manage the drive as well, and a modern USB 3.0 connection that lets the drive operate at its full potential, which in this case is about 110 MB/s read and write. Perhaps the best feature though is since the My Passport uses a 2.5" hard drive, the unit is Bus-powered, so no external power source is required. Comparable options that reach the 2TB capacity point are either based on much larger 3.5" hard drives that need supplemental power or are comprised of two smaller portable hard drives used in tandem. While this particular external drive has no intention of breaking any speed records, it does offer a near perfect solution for travelers on the go who need to transport lots of data in a small device.