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CW Mundy is honored to participate in these 2016 Exhibitions.

In August 1945 he was relocated to where he was a commander of . Two years later, he went to the Philippines where he was promoted to and while there had an accident with aircraft. The accident happened during a liftoff when he, his instructor, and general were supposed to fly to . The pilot was not familiar with B-17 configurations and therefore crashed the plane in which one person was killed and others were severely injured, while Mundy came out unharmed.

Charles Warren Mundy ranks among the most important American impressionists painting today. No matter the subject matter, be it a battle-scarred working fishing boat in Gloucester Harbor, a petite ballerina executing a graceful pas des deux, a delicate pink vase in a structured still life, or a moody English landscape, Mundy’s aggressive, often soft-edged painterly style is very much his own.

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    “CW Mundy Lets Us Into His World !” I’m honored to be featured in the Indianapolis newspaper, the Indianapolis Star, on Sunday March 16, 2014. Thanks to the the Star and writer Frank Espich. Here’s a link to the...

    Harry Walter Mundy, 70, of Martinsburg, passed away March 17, 2015, at University Healthcare Berkeley Medical Center, with family members at his side.