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By developing proprietary and optimized virtual analog oscillators and filters, Way Out Ware brings the most accurate digital reproduction of the original 2600's fat analog sound to the desktop. Way Out Ware's Lead Developer Jim Heintz explains that "The success of any great analog synthesizer emulation relies on accurately modeling the behavior of the Voltage Controlled Filter module. Not a trivial task, Way Out Ware has created a new industry benchmark with its TimewARP 2600 digital VCF. It must be heard to be believed."

The Way Out Ware TimewARP 2600 is the only ARP 2600 emulation product endorsed by its creator, Alan R. Pearlman. Heintz notes "We have been in contact with Alan Pearlman for most of the development of the TimewARP 2600 and his comments and assistance helped shape the final product. He has endorsed the TimewARP 2600 because he is pleased that we have faithfully reproduced his original design."

Way Out Ware was formed to produce great tools for musicians

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"I am consoled to reflect that what Way Out Ware are doing with the TimewARP 2600 is an important evolutionary step in analog synthesis," says original ARP founder Alan R. Pearlman. "Way Out Ware's software package not only makes analog synthesis affordable, but also opens the way toward continuing evolution of functionality."

In addition to all of the original functions of the ARP 2600, Way Out Ware's TimewARP 2600 takes advantage of the computer workstation environment to include many new features: