The author of The Way to Freedom is Carl Kyler:

The Way to Freedom: Core Teachings of Tibetan Buddhism


On the typical dangers on the way to freedom

Runway to Freedom is committed to empowering survivors of domestic violence by funding local organizations that provide individuals and families with the education and resources needed to get out of dangerous situations and start living healthy lives.

Runway to Freedom 6, November 19, 2015 will benefit , a local shelter that empowers homeless women and children to reclaim their lives. Too often domestic violence puts women in the position of choosing between continued abuse and homelessness. Mary’s Place offers these women .

Eric Foner, author of 'Gateway To Freedom'

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    Runway to Freedom wants to ensure that there will always be a place of safety with programs for survivors of abuse, regardless of their story. Our long-term goal is to create a safe home for families hiding from their abusers. While safe homes do exist in Seattle, they are often at capacity and have to turn people away. In addition to meeting the overwhelming need of safe housing, our home will allow families to get safe access to doctors, therapists, nannies, and caregivers, as well as outreach programs to empower them to live great lives.

    Give Way To Freedom is a dynamic and practical organization partnering with groups within the United States and around the world. We focus on developing quality long-term relationships that help to maximize the success of our projects.