The “White Riley” Is An Attractive Car

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The “White Riley” Is An Attractive Car

In the hands of Raymond Mays the White Riley also performed very well in the Mountain Circuit at Brooklands, breaking the ti-litre lap record, and I believe it is right to say that in 1934 the only faster Car was Whitney Straight's 3-litre Maserati.

Quite when Bourne sold the White Riley to Kay Petre I know not, but I recollect that it was then sprayed blue, but even so was always referred to as the White Riley. Blakea of Liverpool subsequently had the car in their racing stable, during which time Frankie Penn and, I believe, Sheila Darbyshire drove it in various sprints and hill-climbs.

The “White Riley” During A Hillclimb

Canada’s Kay Petre Racing The “White Riley”

In 1955 it was advertised in Moiog SPORT; in fact, I went to see it, but the owner's idea of its value was considerably higher than mine! Stanley Burville eventually bought it, rebuilt the car and sprayed it green (original colour red) and sold it in the Birmingham area. Apparently it now has a new owner and a new shade of cellulose! Had it now been so, the mis-naming as The White Riley would not have occurred. A. FARRAR, Han. Gen. Secretary,

On its first appearance at Shelsley the White Riley broke the record with a run Of 42.2 sec. but later in the meeting Hans Stuck knocked 0.2 sec. off the Riley's time in his Austro-Daimler.