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WigFlip is a free to use website that offers not only one tool but a variety of different tools that mostly involve visual designs. Starting from the top of the list, the website offers something called Cornershop – a tool to easily create rounded cornered styles. You can specify the box color, the page background color, the corner radius, and the transparency. The CSS is generated quickly.

Description: Madlib's long-anticipated addition to BBE's Beat Generation series will be released on Rapster/BBE this September 30th. Fitting comfortably into a series whose previous contributors include the late J Dilla, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and Pete Rock, Madlib will deliver one of his most straight forward neck snapping hip-hop albums to date.

Note: Release date of the 2/LP vinyl is October 14.

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Throughout the course of his decade-plus career, Madlib has repeatedly articulated his belief that he's a DJ first, a producer second and a rapper third. Indeed, WLIB AM: King of the Wigflip, finds the prolific underground kingpin's hierarchy well in place, with Madlib curating his own dream radio station for British label 's vaunted Beat Generation series, an ongoing project featuring such distinguished alumni as , and

That aside, WLIB AM has a better hit-to-miss ratio than just about any radio station you can name anyways. The freeform non-commercial radio throwback aspect to King of the Wigflip gives it this odd feeling of a really skilled bit of fucking around, a steel-trap mind hard at work with a cohesive eclecticism concealed inside what sounds like an impulsive stream of consciousness. Some might hear this as a DJ playing records only he hears the connections between. Heads know better, of course-- on this frequency, all the pieces fit together.