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The Winter Emotions Festival consists of many Christmas related events that will be held in Poznań. The Festival kicks off on December 4th, with an opening of the Poznań Bethlehem on the Old Market Square. The pre-Christmas market, during which you can have a taste of traditional dishes and buy regional presents and goods, will last until December 21st. The event also includes workshops of ice sculpture for children. On December 6th, a Christmas tree will be ceremoniously illuminated on the Old Market Square. The very same week also illuminations created in cooperation of the City with two companies from Poznań Brand Consortium will be ready. ENEA and NIVEA will decorate Plac Wolności and Paderewskiego street with Christmas decorations of impressive size.

The Winter Emotions Festival has also been joined by Poznań International Fair (Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie), which organise . The festival will be held on December 5-7th. The exhibitors include folk artists and makers of toys, jewellery, clothing or interior design elements. The Art & craft Festival will therefore be a perfect occasion to buy an original Christmas gift.

Winter Emotions A multicoloured holiday in the snow

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ERNESTO CORTAZAR - Winter emotions - YouRepeat

Winter, the fourth Season of the year,
That's when its Snowy beauty begins to appear.

Winter brings Water, From Diamonds they came,
For now the legends still stay the same.

Its power is Ice and Snow all together,
Winter brings more then just deary weather.

It forms statues of Ice, at a valueless price,
Its beauty is penniless, from its rare ancient Ice.

Its Snow is a blanket, a blanket of warmth,
For Snow is a puzzle that we try to endorse.

Winter is not perfect, its beauty is sacred,
For it is Casual and Ageless, which never goes faded.

Winter makes us feel, in many emotions,
It makes you feel important whenever your around the ocean.

Winter makes us Love, from the bottom of our hearts,
Even the Iciest heart can never break apart.

When Winter makes it rain, it makes us feel glad,
Glad for a liberating sensation that we have ever had.

Winter never gets sad, but if it does,
It will cry out water before it will ever cry blood.

Winter has a Soul, A Soul of Watery flow,
Its heart is incrusted with Diamonds and Its brain is as pure as gold.

Winter is Pure and Rare, Like Untainted Snow,
The Purity of its Calmness lets it all show.

Winter is Fierce, but never Indulges Anger,
For Winter is the Peace Maker and not the War Partaker.

Winter has Emotions, Emotions that are real,
Who says that a Season could never ever feel?