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I am looking for research info on Words Their Way from someone other than the publisher to use for evidence for selecting studens for special education eligibilty. Does anyone know of any research? Thanks!

This is the day of the weekly spelling test and when the weekly word study homework packet is to be returned. The tests are corrected and returned to students so that they can record any misspelled words on their "Words to Learn" list and highlight any high frequency words that they spelled correctly. (Read more about this in #8: "The Weekly Test.")

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In school, students rotate though a variety of word study centers, spending 25–30 minutes in each one. The centers help them practice both the pattern-based spelling words and their assigned high frequency words.

Students rewrite any pattern word that is spelled incorrectly on their test on this page. This ensures that misspelled words are not ignored. Every so often, students will have a week in which their entire spelling list is made up of these misspelled pattern words from their “Words to Learn” list.