Why would you want to work with me? Let me give you ten reasons:

Work with Me: The 8 Blind Spots Between Men and Women in Business


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People who have worked with me have said that their one hour session has helped more than all their psychotherapists had been able to in the past. The reason for that is I teach you what your emotions are, how to relate to them, and how to handle current, past, and future stressful emotions and trauma and how to avoid re-traumatizing yourself.

Working with me is to your benefit — no matter which of my services you need. I am here to help you improve your health one way or another or all of them!

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If you want to avoid all the usual business coach fluff and work with someone who gets it, gets you, and gets how coaching should work, Ashley is your gal. I'd gladly recommend anyone skip their way to her virtual doorstep and hire her in a heartbeat.

“We all know in our hearts and minds that men and women are different. We see it in the natural behavior of children. The reality--and beauty--is that the authentic person within is the perfect counterpart of the other. Work with Me opens our hearts and minds to that genuineness. This valuable book will unsurprisingly make an uplifting difference in your personal life and perhaps surprisingly a significant financial difference in your business life - highly recommended.” —Stewart Emery, bestselling author, speaker, and teacher