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World Class Diversity Management: A Strategic Approach


World Class Diversity Management: A Strategic Approach: Dr

In World Class Diversity Management, R. Roosevelt Thomas, Jr. draws from his twenty-five year career in diversity work, interactions with senior-level executives, and personal observations and discoveries to present a collection of frameworks and strategies for managing diversity. Thomas explains that diversity management is a relatively new and unexplored field, one which sits at a critical juncture: it may regress, idle, or develop into a more established discipline. However, the field needs a framework for categorizing its driving factors and their relationships, a system that would provide a scaffold for designing diversity management strategies, and further developing the field in academia.

The author defines World Class Diversity Management as the capability to make quality decisions in the midst of diversity mixture, in diversity setting, and in geographical location. As such, WCDM is unique in being a universal diversity management capability.

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World Class Diversity Management: A Strategic Approach
Roosevelt Thomas
Limited preview - 2010

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Dr. Thomas views World Class Diversity Management (WCDM) as parallel to the notion of World Class Manufacturing. He contends that World Class Manufacturing contributed to the development and advancement of the manufacturing discipline, and holds out hope that a similar thrust with respect to diversity management will generate equally positive results.

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