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World Book Encyclopedia 2012 (22 Volumes)


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You may be asking yourself, in an age of Wikipedia and instant information, is World Book still relevant? This review on the World Book Encyclopedia 2012 DVD will attempt to answer that question.

Installation was straightforward. You have three options in regards to the type of installation you want: Typical, Custom, and Complete. Typical is generally what most people choose. If you want to install just certain parts of World Book Encyclopedia 2012, you can choose Custom. If you want to install everything from the DVD onto your hard drive to keep from having to use the DVD every time, you can choose Complete. I chose the Complete installation, and installation took 3-5 minutes. Your mileage may vary.

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  • MacKiev World Book Encyclopedia 2012 DVD - Mac/Windows Compatible
  • 2012 World Book Encyclopedia - CD-ROM - Exodus Books

    Upon starting World Book Encyclopedia 2012, you will be presented with an animated, yet simple, home screen. The home screen shows the different sections and options in World Book Encyclopedia 2012. There are two main sections of the home screen: Search, which is on the left. and Browse, which is on the right. In the Search section, you will find Topics, Dictionary, Time Frame, What’s Online, and Atlas. In the Browse section, Just Listening, Just Looking, Media Center, World Book Trivia, and Surf the Ages.

    Along the bottom of the home screen, you will see a scrolling ensemble of pictures, animations, and videos, each of which you can click on to take you to what it corresponds to in the World Book Encyclopedia 2012. This is a very nice touch!