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World Peace Prayer

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It is our conviction that the establishment of World Peace and Prayer Day/Honoring Sacred Sites Day as a planet-wide celebration honors both our ancestors and all our relations into the future. We ask that you support this ultimate vision of a world at peace.

We believe environmental issues will continue to loom large in our lives for many years to come and World Peace and Prayer Day/Honoring Sacred Sites Day is one of the many voices calling for greater Earth Stewardship at a time when the threat of runaway climate-change affects all of our children. There will be distinguished speakers from many disciplines addressing this most timely subject — the survival of our planetary civilization.

Prayers For Peace, World Peace Prayers : Pearls of Wisdom


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There is a world peace prayer society encouraging its use.

Should we succeed in reaching our ultimate fundraising goal, the work and aims of these genuine leaders of Peace in the world (our elders and allies) will be positively impacted — the world peace movement will be furthered in its effort to restore balance to the Earth and its peoples through your generosity. We will plant the seeds of this peace at this year’s event by having our Family Cultural Teachings / Elder-Youth Conference in tandem with the World Peace and Prayer Day ceremonies.

Our Rosary of Joyful Mysteries for World Peace includes prayers for peace by Pope John Paul II, Pope Paul VI, and Pope John XXIII. The Joyful Mysteries are appropriate, because world peace begins with the birth of the Savior. Let us pray that the Prince of Peace is born more fully into our world, especially in places of violence.