'World War Z 2'? What a difference a weekend can make.

And that is how you properly nutshell World War Z.

World War Z

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World War Z

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World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War


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DOUBLE TAP. It’s classic advice to ensure zombie death — aim for the head, strike at least twice — and it still holds true in World War Z. Brad Pitt elegantly demonstrates the art of the double-tap in a biotech lab.

FASTEN YOUR SEATBELTS. Your attack zombie in World War Z appreciates the three seconds you spent fastening your seatbelt before you started the car. Too bad that belt will keep you in place when she smashes through your windshield and goes for your larynx.

Movie name : World War Z 2013 Unrated Cut 720p BluRay

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Apparently the Israelis don't understand how walls work... jords-3
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Get dropped into the middle of the World War Z chaos!

DON’T MAKE ATTACHMENTS. In World War Z Brad Pitt very much disagrees with this, taking in new additions to his family of scared humans the way a middle-aged crankypants scrapbooker takes in stray cats. It’s beautiful. It’s also, in practical terms, stupid.

When ants are inundated with water, they instinctively grasp on to each other and form a floating island, allowing the ants on top to move freely. They can even form bridges, allowing them to easily traverse gaps or travel over water. I couldn’t help but wonder if these unique feats of strength served as some form of inspiration for the zombie hordes in World War Z. And thus we see one of the many different traits these zombies seem to possess; these aren’t your slow, lumbering creatures seen in older zombie films. It’s an nice change, bringing a better sense of urgency among those fighting to survive.