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The World's Worst Cars

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The World's Worst (and Ugliest) Cars ..

There are many cars that are considered to be a bad car. The worlds worst cars have been created from nearly every manufacturer (some more than others), and can be found in every class of vehicle ranging from sports cars, luxury cars, economy cars, exotic cars and everything . Some of the most well known bad cars in the last couple decades are the Ford Pinto, AMC Gremlin, the notoriously tipsy and the Chevy Citation. The the Automotive industry is jam-packed with colossal failures, but it is ultimately up to the individual to decide what the worst cars ever built in the world are to them.

Our classic car ad of the week features one of the worlds worst cars, the Yugo. Produced since 1981 in Serbia by Zastava the car was imported into the US in 1985 and sold as the cheapest new car available. Based on the Fiat 128, a car that dates back to 1969, the Zastava was popular in eastern Europe where the choice of other cars on offer made the Zastava look like a good buy and economical motoring. By the time the car got to the US under the Yugo name, the unrefined and sluggish box was bought up by cheapskates who would of been better off finding a decent secondhand car. Not only did the car suffer from poor build quality and performance, the market of customer the car was aimed at were often too tight to service them properly making the cars mechanical woos worse. Sales in the US stopped around 1992 when UN sanctions against the former Yugoslavia stopped exports. NATO later bombed the factory that has since been rebuilt to churn out a face-lifted version of the car that is known today as the Zastava Koral.

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  • Worlds Worst Modified Cars Pistonheads
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