Pumpkin's Return: The Wrath of Batman

Batman: Detective Comics Vol. 4: The Wrath (The New 52)


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The story also included a sort of "Anti-Robin": a young villain whom the original Wrath trained to become the new Wrath. Named Elliot Caldwell, this second Wrath confronts Batman about the killing, but ends up in Blackgate Penitentiary by the end of the story.

When Wrath finally returns to Gotham City, he comes to kill the man who had shot his parents. Wrath's target turns out to be of the Gotham City Police which leads to Wrath coming into conflict with Batman. In the course of their impersonal battle of wits, Wrath learns Batman's secret identity as Bruce Wayne and proceeds to attack several of his friends; is hospitalized, and is taken hostage by Wrath.

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We are too much alike.
~ Wrath to Batman, discovering their true identities

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In ( #13-16), several details of his origin underwent a , including the original story taking place shortly after Dick Grayson became Robin (the original story was published the same year that Grayson became Nightwing), with Grayson missing the events because he was away at the time on an "educational holiday" (One of the various training missions Batman sent him on). Wrath's father is now depicted as a corrupt cop who was robbing a warehouse with his wife and son acting as a lookout. Gordon confronted them and, in a gunfight, killed the parents in self-defense. When Batman hears the story of the Wrath's origins from the original's successor, the young Wrath claims that only his predecessor's father was armed and Gordon shot to kill first, but in reality his father fired first and then his mother took up his father's gun, with Gordon's shots only being fatal because his aim was off due to his injuries (It is unclear if the young Wrath believed this story because he heard it from his mentor or if his mentor told him the truth and he then twisted it to make the Wrath seem like a victim). Abandoned by the cops in an effort to conceal the corruption - Gordon going along with the plan because then-captain threatened to kill the boy (as he was the only witness) if he talked - Wrath became a contract killer in the hopes of "avenging his parents again and again". While preparing to assassinate Gordon, Wrath studied Batman and initially planned to dress just like him to needle Gordon. However, he came to the conclusion that they were kindred spirits inspired by a similar disaster in their lives, and duplicated Batman's costume and equipment as an homage - to the extent that he began training his own "Robin", who went on to become the second Wrath.

Sporting an all-purple costume, this Wrath, who Batman is convinced is a copycat from his first appearance, begins murdering police officers visiting Gotham for a convention and breaks in to Grayle Hudson's apartment. After a fight with Batman, during which he confirms he's not the original Wrath- and is apparently unaware of Batman's true identity- he tells the Dark Knight to investigate 's actions on June 26 twenty five years ago— the same night Bruce Wayne's parents died. Upon another meeting with Batman, the second Wrath tells a distorted version of the events that happened (Although it is unclear if he is reciting the version he learned from the original Wrath or if he has twisted it in his own mind), saying Gordon killed the original Wrath's parents in cold blood, though Batman saw through this and realized that Gordon shot them in self-defense. His subsequent assessment of the old Wrath helps Batman determine the identity of the new one; as the original Wrath sought to duplicate all of Batman's methods, Batman concludes that the new Wrath must be the original's equivalent of Robin.