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Wreckers of Civilisation: The Story of Coum Transmissions & Throbbing Gristle


Wreckers of Civilization: The Story of COUM Transmissions and

Echo Beds crafts a caterwaul of contact-mic'd oil drums, broken cymbals,battered basses,unrecognizable tape loops,and dilapidated voices with the expressed intention of volume as therapy. Taking inspiration from Guy Debord, Mark Andersen, the Surrealist Manifesto, and all "Wreckers of Civilization" and put through the grinder of the self-practiced D.I.Y. ethos, the end result is a liberating exorcism of social commentary vs political agenda. Powerful, pointed, and uniquely authentic- an Echo Beds performance is one that leaves you thinking long after the ringing in your ears has subsided.

“rosamour: Wreckers of civilization - thatll be Sioux/Severin then! Daily Mail article covering Prostitution - the Genesis P-Orridge show at the ICA in October 1976. Further comments: ITS A SICKENING OUTRAGE! Sadistic! Obscene! Evil! The Arts Council must be scrapped after this!" So spoke Tory MP Nicholas Fairbairn of this gig. The Daily Mirror enjoyed it, too:...

of our society these people are the wreckers of civilization

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    COUM Transmission were always controversial with such avant garde happenings such as Copyright Breeches, COUMing of Age and Marcel Duchamp's Next Work, but this peaked with the "Prostitution" art exhibit at London's ICA in October, 1976 - based around photos from Cosey's career as a model/actress for pornographic magazines and films. The "Prostitution" show was also the accepted premier of Throbbing Gristle. Tory MP Sir Nicholas Fairbairn decried the show as "a sickening outrage. Obscene. Evil. Public money is being wasted here to destroy the morality of our society. These people are the wreckers of civilization!"

    Zombie, Punk Rocker, Emissary, Noise Maker, Humorist, Audiophile, Chef, Jerk, Musicologist, Artist, Father, Oracle, Klingon Warrior, and Wrecker of Civilization