Wuggie Norple Story, written by Daniel Pinkwater

The Wuggie Norple Story

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The Wuggie Norple Story: Daniel M

IN ``Wuggie Norple,'' a children's book by Daniel Pinkwater, a family gets a kitten that grows to be larger than a barn. Seven months ago, our family acquired the canine Wuggie Norple.

Funny-man Pinkwater takes us on another ride, this time in the versatile Tooth-Gnasher Superflash with Mr. and Mrs. Popsnorkle and the five little Popsnorkles. But if the silly names recall The Wuggie Norple Story, we're not done in by them here. The Tooth-Gnasher does perform. Specifically, after Mr. Popsnorkle takes the wheel of the Superflash from car salesman Mr. Sandy, the car turns into a dinosaur, an elephant, and then a giant turtle. When Mr. Sandy says uneasily, ""This is not the way the Tooth-Gnasher Superflash is supposed to behave,"" Mr. Popsnorkle answers that the only other thing he'd like the car to do is turn into a huge chicken and fly. And so it does, obligingly, as Mr. Popsnorkle pushes yet another button. Satisfied with the purchase, Mr. P. remarks on the way home, ""It's a nice car all right. But it can't do half the things our good old Thunderclap Eight could do."" Mrs. Popsnorkle, playing the role she would in a mindless car commercial, can only comment repeatedly on the car's lovely color. Kids will have no trouble recognizing the whole outing as part spoof, part whimsy, and more fun than most knobs and buttons provide.


Title: The Wuggie Norple Story
Author(s): Tomie dePaola, Daniel Manus Pinkwater
ISBN: 0-02-774670-4 / 978-0-02-774670-9 (USA edition)
Publisher: Marcel Dekker
Availability: Amazon UK   Amazon CA   

Vintage Kids' Books My Kid Loves: The Wuggie Norple Story

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I’m a huge fan of Tomie De Paola’s stories (especially Strega Nona) and his illustrations as well, so I’m excited to check out TheWuggle Norple Story.