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Square Dessert Plates, 6.875", Yellow, 16 Count


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The Yellow square is an item used in and . It has a value of 12 in the as calculated by multiplying the value of the shape's colour and the number of sides the shapes have. It can be found in in a dungeon. You can get it if you find the key to set Golrie free. Search the chest and you'll find it.

Yellow Square replaced rotting fascia board over porch and garage. In addition, they rebuilt a rotting column and remodeled the existing columns to match the new style. All fascia boards and garage perimeter were wrapped in aluminum for weather protection. Yellow Square also replaced broken caulk around door entries and painted exterior wood features on the house.

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Yellow Square #1

acrylic on canvas
39.4" x 39.4"
(100 x 100 cm)


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"I'm painting color squares. One
square - one color. That's what I paint." Nigel Tomm

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The square also expresses immobility and solidity, forming the stone foundations of our world. Through meditation on a yellow square, wisdom and compassion are increased and meditation experiences arise more naturally.

I rang Yellow Square and spoke to a lady by the name Charlotte. She was very helpful and explained why they had been asked to contact me (a previous employer of mine owed me pension money) but she was very clear about how they were able to track me down and explained that while much of their mail is finance related, they also deal with what she termed "good news" cases, which I was one of.