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The paper cuts used for window decorations are the folk art characteristics of Shavuot. As most of them have designs of roses, symbolizing Israel (cf. Song 2:2,16, and the exegetical Midrashim thereto), they are called by the Yiddish folk term ("little rose").

Baron, A. (1987) '"The moon shines bright on Charlie Chaplin...": Yiddish folksong, past and future' (Interview with Derek Reid). The Jewish Quarterly 34:2, 14-15.

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A contemporary of Joel Engel, Moshe Beregovski undertook folklore collecting expeditions annually from 1927 until the outbreak of World War II. In 1934, he published the first part of a what was intended to be a five-volume monograph entitled 'Jewish Musical Folklore', a volume of Yiddish songs (see Slobin, 1982a, discussed above). Meticulous care is evident in Beregovski's notation: whereas other collections of Yiddish folksongs tend to present the basic melody only, Beregovski gives a reproduction of the singer's rendition, including ornaments, even if this means notating the melodic line separately for all verses of a song. (Various studies including Adler 1995a, 1995b and Braun 1987 give further details of Beregovski's life and work.)