Active Child - You Are All I See - Cd

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

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1. You Are All I See
2. Hanging On
3. High Priestess
4. See Thru Eyes
5. Ivy
6. Playing House (feat. How To Dress Well)
7. Way Too Fast
8. Ancient Eye
9. Shield & Sword
10. Johnny Belinda

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Active Child: You Are All I See Album Review | Pitchfork

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Grossi, in particular, has found a niche in sadly sung, slow-burning space pop, carving out his spot on 2010’s starry, harp-strewn Curtis Lane EP. And while his debut album, You Are All I See, is by no means on the same level as Vernon’s For Emma, Forever Ago, it does find the mournful electro-troubadour expanding his choir-driven synth-pop into more distinct territory with a heavy dose of galactic shoegaze and ‘90s-style R&B. As a result, You Are All I See is largely an exploratory journey, as Grossi ventures out of the interesting but safe musical cubbyhole he crafted on Curtis Lane.

, also known as Pat Grossi, is releasing a new record called You Are All I See via on August 23rd. When I started listening to the album, I was blown away. Opening track “You Are All I See” was a beautiful start; I felt as if I was being lead into the ocean with my eyes wide open. Colorful, refreshing, smooth, cool – it felt great. As the album went on, I started to feel as though Active Child was trying a bit too hard to be dark and grandiose. The album fits with the times, taking the likes of James Blake, Bon Iver, and SBTRKT and pulling it into Pat Grossi’s own backyard, which features a unique blend of electronic music and the occasional acoustic harp plucking. The mixture is quite beautiful and unique, but with an album ten songs long, I was left begging for more depth, more diversity in the sounds. There are a few standout tracks that I gave five stars, but the remainder become a jumbled mix of falsetto, drums, twinkling sounds, and synthesized instruments that all sound about the same.