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I hedge towards Tina on the like/dislike scale. I find it clever. I find it funny. Mysterious, surely. Thought-provoking, undoubtedly. In the beginning, I thought repeatedly of : the upscale grade school, the terse smiles passed between upper-middle-class mothers, the secrets lying beneath too many a perfect facade. Grace, the center of our story, is a therapist on the verge of releasing her first self-help book. Titled You Should Have Known, the book is about women and their uncanny desire to unknow the darker sides of the men they’re seeing – to pretend their faults don’t exist until they are shell-shocked by an affair, or a gambling problem, or worse.

It was so simple. I can’t say that it had been staring me in the face the whole time, because it hadn’t been. But now it was. It was the right title. It was the only title. You Should Have Known. And now I knew.

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    If you're a feminist... (The MC's book You Should Have Known is basically about stupid women who should have known better when it came to datin

    Lisez you should have known de jean hanff korelitz avec kobo grace reinhart sachs is living the only life she ever wanted for herself devoted to her husband a