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In April, the held its in Istanbul, Turkey. The Forum brought together approximately 2,200 participants from around the world to discuss ’Transforming Economic Power to Advance Women’s Rights and Justice’. AWID’s Young Feminist Activism Program (YFA) played a significant role in developing strategies to ensure that the Forum provided young women with opportunities for meaningful engagement and inclusion.

The Wire is a space for young feminists - especially young women - who work on women's rights and gender equality around the world to connect, learn and share information.

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  • Develop individual, community and institutional support systems to foster and sustain young women’s activism
  • Ensure that young feminist initiatives have access to resources, capacity-building opportunities, funding, advice and networks
  • Promote multigenerational organizing by women’s rights activists of all ages
  • Support the involvement of young feminist activists in policy and decision-making dialogues affecting their rights

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AWID has received mixed feedback onat the Forum. Some young feminists felt isolated, silo-ed, and tokenized. Others felt supported by a community of young women activists and engaged in different components of the Forum.

A key aspect of our strategy to engage young women at the Forum was the held one day prior to the beginning of the 12th AWID Forum. 65 young women participated in the day, representing 42 countries and a diversity of issues, perspectives, ages and movements. The YFA day was an important space for young feminists to share and .