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This film displays corruption, but very differently than displayed in Young Torless. The Murderers are Among Us has the underlying message to not give in to corruption, and to be better than that. People have to know their own morals and values, even if other people are wicked, they cannot follow their sinful example. Hans had bad intentions at the beginning, but Susanne helped him do what is right instead of both of them conforming to the demoralization. Hans Mertens used to always be drunk and depressed, but Susanne helped him see the better side of things and how to love again. She showed him that people cannot define what is just and punish others themselves. Hans Mertens wanted to resist Captain Brückner’s orders, but he was only a doctor and he had no power. Although he viewed all the violence and cruelty, he was against it and wanted to go against it. Susanne helped him see that murdering another person would not help, and therefore Susanne Wallner and Hans Mertens did not conform to the corruption surrounding them.

Watching the films again through the lens of my theme made me notice more details that contributed to corruption. When I first viewed Young Torless, I could not even watch certain parts because I found the torture disturbing and appalling. Reviewing the film, the repulsion increased because I realized Reiting treated Bassini even worse than I thought. I did not realize the first time I watched Young Torless that Bassini was also sexually abused as well as physically and verbally. For The Murderers are Among Us, reviewing it made me further analyze how each character dealt with the influence of corruption.

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    This allegory of Nazi-ism, set in a German boarding school, is as heavy handed and messagy as the worst Stanley Kramer films. Torless' speech at the... MORE>

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    Faithfully adapted from author Robert Musil, this study of sadism andmasochism among students at an Austro-Hungarian boys prep school is aparable of fascism and its origins. Barbara Steele is radiant and splendidas Bozena the prostitute who awakens the nascent sexual nature of theadolescent students. Lovingly photographed in black and white, YOUNGTORLESSevokes the mood and claustrophobic horror of the dehumanizing militarysystem. Matthew Carriere gives an unblemished and heartfelt performance asan innocent caught behind the barbed wire walls of his very soul and theduty to which he has been placed. A must-see for everyone and an advocacyfor pacificism. This was Volker Schloendorff's first film, and byadmissionone of Barbara Steele's favorite roles.

    Young Torless shows the different ways people react to corruption. For Reiting and Beineberg, they let corruption consume them, and they became more and more sadistic. Bassini on the other hand, just accepted it, he did not try to change what was happening to him because he would rather be tortured than to be thought of as a thief. Torless tried to just not associate with the corrupt behavior, and just watched it happen. He became an observer and nothing more.