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Mi Sueno de America/My American Dream (Spanish Edition)


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HOUSTON (AP) - On her first day of fourth grade, YulianaGallegos stood in front of her classmates, looking out on a roomfulof students who stared back at her as if she had landed fromMars.

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Yuliana Gallegos, 16, is photographed in her Houston home in this Nov. 15, 2007 file photo. The teenager wrote a book when she was 12 about her experiences moving from Mexico to the United States. (Associated Press/Pat Sullivan)

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And as they say the rest is history, Yuliana Gallegos is 16, a junior in high school, with friends, and plans for the future; University of Houston and then perhaps Princeton. And along the way the chance to tell young people and adults her simple philosophy…

In Mi sueno de America/My American Dream, young Yuliana Gallegos recalls her move from Monterrey, Mexico, to Houston, Texas. Initially excited about moving to Houston, where the huge freeways make her feel like she's on a roller coaster, her excitement quickly wanes when she starts school. Everything is different at Yuli's new school, and her ...