Mats Alvesson, Yvonne Due Billing

Understanding Gender and Organizations


Mats Alvesson, Yvonne Due Billing

First, Yvonne Due Billing casts some light on the male as norm phenomena historically and then on the basis of some of her own studies. The chapter shows that there are great variations in gender equality and in gender constructions in different organizations and at different time periods and using concepts, which takes for granted that there are problems, narrows our understanding of reality.

"Ledere under forandring? - om kvinder og identitet i chefjobs" af Yvonne Due Billing Jurist- og Økonomforbundets Forlag 224 sider hæftet, 1. udgave 2005 Pris:350,00 DKK inkl. moms ISBN 87-574-1343-6

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Synopsis: Gender underpins contemporary organizational structure and practice, but is often relegated to the margins of mainstream organization theory. This volume provides a comprehensive, gendered perspective on organizational life. MatsAlvesson and Yvonne Due Billing demonstrate that a gendered perspective provides important insights into the actions of men and women in organizations and, as a result, the characteristics of organizations as a whole. Considering the complex and contradictory nature of gender relations, Alvesson and Billing argue for an organizational analysis that is sensitive to conflicts, ambiguity and local diversity.

Yvonne Due Billing therefore states that we need more sophisticated analysis and studies; we do not further our understanding of women’s situation by unreflectively using concepts, which in many ways are outdated.