Jay Adams (Dog Town and the Z Boys)

This is an article that I did about the Zboys in Australia.. I think you may be interested in it.

Battle in Kami's Lookout

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This is an article that I did about the Zboys in Australia.. I think you may be interested in it.

The Hunted

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Dogtown And Z-Boys

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Articles about Z Boys - latimes

Zephyr, Z Boys, Dogtown. You could write a book. Make a documentary! In 1994, Craig Stecyk III wrote the intro to F%@#% You Heroes, a collection of Glen Friedman’s rap, punk and skate photos from 1976 – 1991. That book included a lot of photos of Jay Adams, Tony Alva, Bob Biniak, Paul Constantineau, Shogo Kubo, Stacy Peralta and a lot of other 70s, LA-area skaters, along with Darby Crash, Ted Nugent, Jello Biafra, Henry Rollins, and other skaters, punks and rappers from the LA scene.

he original members of the Zephyr skateboard team – aka Z Boys – the day Peggy Oki flew to the Caribbean, clever girl. It was like herding pirates, getting them all together in one place. Jay Adams and Shogo Kubo were in Hawaii, Tony Alva wasn’t contactable, Bob Biniak was doing business in the Midwest, Stacy Peralta was in Cayucos and we already had a classic portrait of Skip, but this is most of them. From left: Craig Stecyk, Jeff Ho, Nathan Pratt, Chris Dawson, Chris Cahill, Allen Sarlo, Jim Muir, Glen Friedman. Seated: Peggy Oki and Paul Constantineau. Portrait: Lucia Griggi.

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  • RJP501 says:

    Peralta did a great documentary called Dogtown and Z Boys.
    Just don’t confuse it with the POS Lords of Dogtown.

  • Z Boys Tracks & Releases on Beatport

    Much has been written, re-written, filmed and re-filmed about the time in the 1970s, when the Zephyr Surf Shop in Santa Monica sponsored a surf and skate team who came to be known as the Z Boys.

    The Z Boys have been rocking the electronic music scene in Puerto Rico since the year 2000. This DJ trio came to be after DJ's Christopher Alexander and Hugh Harry, met at an after-hours party held in the now legendary San Juan club "The Warehouse", back in 1999. The two played at almost every gig together, as if by fate, before finally realizing that the similarities in their styles, backgrounds and attitudes were to great to pass up the chance to team up and become a DJ group as well as a production house. Soon enough, the Z Boys' audience and fan base grew, as did their reputation for being Puerto Rico's first electronic music DJ duo and one of the hottest acts on the island. With stylings ranging from Break Beats, Electro Funk, Acid House, and Minimal/Techno in those early years, to their now signature own brand of Deep/Tech-Acid House, and Techno which perfectly befits the duo's energetic attitude and musical pallad. The Z Boys have definitely crafted a sound all their own throughout the years. Strong influences coming from Detroit, and Berlin(Not to forget Florida for their Breaks), mixed with the Z Boys' multi-cultural musical backgrounds, and high energy level performance, have made this a must have performance at any Electronic Music club or festival on the island. With the addition of one more member in 2005, The Z Boys line-up has become even stronger. Local DJ/Graphic Art Designer, Tomas Veit, now plays a critical part of this groups diversity in musical stylings as well as it's dynamic presence and artistic direction.