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The Zac Efron Annual 2009


Zanessa at the 2009 66th Annual Golden Globes Awards ..

Zac Efron Annual 2009, covers his journey from early days of skateboarding the sun-kissed Californian streets of his hometown Arroyo Grande to his amazing journey. With all tlhe insight into Zac Efron's prestardom life and how it all came to be. Get to know Zac Efron in a new light. Zac Efron Annual 2009 also covers insight into his co-stars of High School Musical and some insight into the upcoming High School Musical 3 Senior Year. Complete with questionaires and fan club information and lots of fun information & games, plus a rare insight into the real off screen Troy & Gabriella romance of Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens.

ZAC EFRON ANNUAL 2009 includes everything you need to know about the HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL star ...and more. Packed with gorgeous photos, Zac facts, puzzles, jokes, HSM 1,2 &3 quizzes and Zac's favourite recipes this is a must have for all Zac fans. With easy-to-follow instructions, make your own Zac Christmas and Valentine's Day cards and throw your very own Zac party (with Zac decorations). And why not take the compatibility test while making your own playlist of Zac's favourite tunes? It's all here! With a FREE Zac Efron calendar - with all of Zac's important dates filled in - this is a must-have annual that will keep fans busy all year round.

Zanessa The Best Moment In The Oscars 2009 ..

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