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Zalman King, a filmmaker who mixed artistic aspiration, a professed empathy for female sexuality and gauzy photography to bring soft-core pornography to ...

The Zalman King blend of romance and eroticism is famous around the world. The most beautiful women and men in film and television – Kim Basinger, Sherilyn Fenn ...

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Zalman King
American director, writer, producer, actor

    Shlomo Benzion in Zalman King's "Body Language"

    Zalman King was born on May 23, 1942 in Trenton, New Jersey, USA as Zalman King Lefkowitz. He was a producer and …

    Few things are as obnoxious as an obit think-piece, a lazy essay that tries to force connections between two people who happened to die around the same time. But Ben Gazzara and Zalman King died on the same date – yesterday, February 3, both from cancer – and, dammit, they did have something important in common. Both of them, at least during the brief periods of their respective careers in which they were television series headliners, were passive actors who cultivated a stillness at the center of activity. They suppressed their egos in a way that only a few television stars have had the courage to try: William Peterson, in C.S.I.; David Duchovny (who had, crucially, been directed by King on Red Shoe Diaries), in the early seasons of The X-Files; and of course David Janssen, in everything he ever did.